About Us

We are the After Earth Stellar Alliance and Minor Faction within the galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

Our Faction is based in our home station Schmitt Ring, in the star system Kuwema. For Commanders who want a more involvement and meaning within Elite Dangerous, joining the AESA ranks could give you the focus you are looking for. As members of AESA, you will be able to band together and manipulate the Background Simulation [BGS], expanding our area of control within the Galaxy. The BGS offers something for everyone, Whether you are combat focused, or if you like making profit with trade. Or perhaps mining is your calling.

When you join the After Earth Stellar Alliance, the missions board suddenly has meaning!

A New Earth

In the 22nd century, humanity mastered deep space travel with the invention of the hyperdrive, spurring a wave of exploration and colonisation beyond SOL. A long history of major resource problems & war forces humanity to look to the stars to relieve population pressures on Earth.

The After Earth Stellar Alliance was foundered to seek new regions in space and to lay the foundations for a new Earth, & build a self reliant civilisation among the the far reaches of space.

AESA Showreel